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1) Non-literal Theism is not a philosophy; it is a CLASSIFICATION OF PHILOSOPHIES. For example, just as Christianity is one form of Theism; Panentheism is one form of Non-literal Theism. Many Non-literal Theists naturally develop their own philosophy that is a form of Non-literal Theism.

2) "Non-literal Theism" and "Spiritual Atheism" are different terms for the same philosophical classification. People tend to use the term that best describes their orientation.

3) The goal of this web site is not to provide people with a specific spiritual philosophy (that is one's own responsibility); but, rather, to acknowledge and encourage all enlightened philosophies.

The Problem

Every day, INNOCENT CHILDREN are being taught not only that "God" is an entity external to the universe that created and rules the universe; but, astoundingly, that "God" is essentially the president of one specific elite club (aka religion) to which they are fortunate enough to belong!

Immediately, the children in question are rendered fundamentally spiritually illiterate, and sent rapidly on their way towards a profound state of almost indestructible ignorance and arrogance. Obviously, the victimized children have absolutely no choice in the matter; and, tragically, very few will ever escape the prison of spiritual illiteracy because very few will ever recognize it as such.

Eventually, these learning children grow up and become teaching adults; all the while nurturing their relationship with "God", the president of their specific elite club (aka religion), rather than nurturing their relationship with "God", the physical, psychological, and spiritual personification of the one infinite and eternal universe.

Although it is somewhat amusing to realize that Traditional Theists are worshipping the very "false-God" they warn each other about, the perpetual problem of spiritual illiteracy is actually far more serious than simply an irrational interpretation of one of the most important spiritual symbols ("God").

For instance, if a person is led to believe that Earth life is simply a "test" administered by "God" in order to determine whether his or her soul will spend eternity in "Heaven" or "Hell", he or she will not genuinely value every precious moment and actively protect everything that makes continued life (all life) possible. Life is not literally a test!

Furthermore, if a person does not (consciously and/or unconsciously) recognize and understand that every person, animal, plant and bit of existence is, ultimately, an inseparable part of the one universe; he or she will not be guided by the universal desire for wholistic health and happiness, which is the true source (whether conscious or unconscious) of all love, compassion, and kindness. We are literally all one!

Given the circumstances, it's not surprising that our world has become so unhealthy and unhappy. Sadly, over the course of one's life, spiritual illiteracy encourages the fabrication of a profoundly distorted perspective of existence, which naturally spawns thoughts and actions that are unintentionally destructive to the wholistic health and happiness of our immediate world. In extreme cases, those thoughts and actions are undoubtedly a genuine effort to actively direct and escort our world towards a rapid and unnecessary "Apocalypse", with the ultimate intention of rushing "Judgement Day".

Spiritual illiteracy is a fatal and infectious disease that must be eradicated if we, Earthlings, are to survive. And time appears to be of the essence!

Important Note: The "follower" majority (those who are spiritually illiterate) are not the only cause of the problem. The "ruling" minority, driven by profound greed and spiritual ignorance (which is different from, but related to, spiritual illiteracy), are the other critical half of the problem. However, if the "follower" majority was not spiritually illiterate, they would not follow the spiritually ignorant "ruling" minority!

The Solution

There have always been two classes of Theists: the spiritually literate (Non-literal Theists) and the spiritually illiterate (Traditional Theists). As a visitor to this web site, it is highly likely that you are among the spiritually literate; but if not, the chances are very good that you at least know someone who is - even though you may not realize it. In fact, it is obvious to me that the greatest mystics of every religion are!

Many highly respected members of every spiritual community secretly recognize spiritual symbolism as such (and, therefore, recognize that all religions contain the same essential truth and wisdom); but are too afraid of social isolation and abandonment to honestly express and share (even privately) their valuable perspective. However, if you ask around sincerely and persistently enough, you will probably be shocked to discover how many well-respected people are secretly suffering in silence. Are you one of them?

It's time to put an end to this cowardly, painful, and dangerous silence. It's time to step forward and actively nurture spiritual literacy within our own spiritual circles so that, one day, all of the world will understand the true nature and value of life, and work together to create and maintain a state of wholistic health and happiness. And with current and evolving technologies, time appears to be of the essence!

Unfortunately, we have arrived at a critical point in our Earth-life cycle where the forces of all that is truly "evil" (that which contributes to wholistic disease and unhappiness) have become very strong and very adept at dividing, disabling, demoralizing, distracting, and controlling the forces of all that is truly "good" (that which contributes to wholistic health and happiness) with psychological and physical technologies.

Make no mistake, spiritual illiteracy is in strong alliance with "evil" (that which contributes to wholistic disease and unhappiness). The true "spiritual war" against the forces of "evil" can only be won by ending spiritual illiteracy and actively uniting to create and maintain a state of wholistic health and happiness.

"God" is calling you to enlighten yourself and, gradually, to reveal to those in your spiritual circle that all religions are simply different systems of spiritual symbolism that represent the same spiritual truths.

You can be a great asset to global enlightenment and an important part of a religious revolution!

I respect, honor, and celebrate the immense wisdom, culture, and diversity that is the very heartbeat of all of the world's great religions. I don't want to destroy religion itself, and lose this precious legacy; I want to end spiritual illiteracy! Please join me in this liberating act!

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I'm not going to spoil all of the fun for you by telling you how to interpret all of the spiritual symbols found within your religion; but, I do recognize the value of presenting common interpretations of the most fundamental spiritual symbols.

    "God": The physical, psychological, and spiritual personification of the infinite and eternal universe.

    "Prayer": Personal communication with some aspect of the universe. There are many mysteries.

    "Good"*: That which contributes to a state of wholistic health and happiness.

    "Evil"*: That which contributes to a state of wholistic disease and unhappiness.

    "The Devil": The physical, psychological, and spiritual personification of "Evil" (that which contributes to wholistic disease and unhappiness).

    *When making judgements about what is "good" and what is "evil", remember to consider the difference between actions and entities (aka the "sin" and the "sinner"). Also, see: The Theory of Wholistic Ethics.

UPDATE: Since so many people have been asking for recommendations for books that further explain spiritual symbolism (thereby nurturing spiritual literacy), I have decided to share some favorites with you.



If you are new to the study of spiritual symbolism, I highly recommend that you start with Joseph Campbell's "The Power of Myth" (on the left), which is actually a video set. This was also transcribed and published as a book with the same title, but the video provides a far more interesting experience.

Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings of the Ages" (on the right) will introduce you to far more esoteric spiritual symbolism, but will naturally require much more consciousness and contemplation in order to separate the truth from its many layers of presentation. Remember, symbolism is an ancient art!

When seeking spiritual truth, ALWAYS REMEMBER:

    a) Spiritual truth is equally available to everyone. Nature is our best teacher!

    b) Spiritual truth is experiential and cannot be presented without some distortion.

    c) In some cases, the distortion is extreme; but it is always your responsibility to separate truth from distortions, or even misrepresentations, of truth.

If you are already enlightened, please help spread the word about this web site. Thank you!


When Theism is properly understood, in terms of its spiritual symbolism, it is referred to as "Non-literal Theism" (Non-literal Christianity, Non-literal Islam, Non-literal Judaism, etc.) according to the new "God-based" classification system which I have proposed and kindly ask for you to support. Learn more here.

As mentioned at the top of this page, "Non-literal Theism" and "Spiritual Atheism" are different terms for the same philosophical classification. People tend to use the term that best describes their orientation. To fully understand this, it may be helpful to read Enlightenment for Atheists and God-based Classification.


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