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The information and ideas presented here are not intended for anyone who does not value critical thinking, integrity, truth, wisdom, life, liberty, and love. That said, all are welcome. I only ask one thing: please do not commit "drive-by" judgement. I don't mind having my ideas judged, but I would deeply appreciate it if you would first carefully read everything I have to say. If you don't have the time or interest; no problem, just please don't act as if you did. There is too much misunderstanding in our world already. Sound fair? If so, thank you!


If you value truth, wisdom, life, liberty, and love; I urge you to read what I have to say.

Lines are being drawn. Numerous international civil wars are brewing. But are these wars the result of various individuals and groups fighting with other individuals and groups for genuinely valid life and liberty threatening reasons? Or are relatively few people ("the powers that be") simply attempting to control the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of the masses via hypnosis, strategic division, selective destruction, and worse in order to get (and keep) what they want, which is extremely comprehensive control of the masses?

My name is Soren Sorensen and I believe that "the powers that be" are attempting to control the masses. I also believe that "the powers that be" pose a direct and immediate threat to the health and happiness of our world.

Before you rush to judge, dismiss, belittle, bully, or attack me; please allow me to explain my perspective.


"The Powers That Be" is an informal reference to any person who has power over others, regardless of whether they hold this power as a solitary individual or as part of a group. Not all such persons* act in life, liberty, and love nurturing ways; and not all such persons act in destructive, restrictive, and fearful ways. That said, for the purposes of this essay, when I say "the powers that be"; I am specifically referring to those persons who have significant power over others and tend to act in destructive, restrictive, and fearful ways.

*Note that groups are not persons and cannot act apart from the actions of its members.


Said simply, there are two different kinds of people:

1) Those who are willing to deceive, lie, cheat, coerce, steal, injure, or destroy to get (and keep) what they want.

    These people lack integrity.

2) Those who are not willing to do such things; even if it means that they will not get (or will lose) what they want.

    These people have integrity.


Unfortunately, those who are willing to deceive, lie, cheat, coerce, steal, injure, or destroy to get (and keep) what they want, can gain power quickly; and the more such people are able to reach their goals, the more emboldened they become and the more power they can potentially (and potentially exponentially) gain.

Naturally, this has always been the case; but with current and emerging technology, I believe that such people pose a threat that is impossible to overstate. (If this sounds like an exaggeration to you, I encourage you to learn more about current and emerging technology in every area. You will be amazed, concerned, and humbled.)

If things continue as they are, you should expect that:

1) We will be increasingly deceived, lied to, cheated, coerced, stolen from, injured, and destroyed by "the powers that be" and those who are naively and unknowingly under their influence. Ultimately, we will be manipulated into devastating contrived division and numerous international civil wars between innocent and well-meaning people for the purpose of implementing mechanisms for as much control of the human species as is possible.

If you ever find yourself feeling judgmental and dismissive or you are actively belittling, bullying, or attacking others; you are very likely naively and unknowingly under the influence of "the powers that be". For this reason, I strongly recommend that you refuse to be part of, or support, any group that harbors these qualities.

2) Technology will be increasingly developed and used to cause the masses to think, feel, say, and do whatever "the powers that be" desire. Said differently, we will gradually lose our freedom to think, feel, say, and do what we want. Other than life itself, what is more valuable than life's freedom?

A Super-Tiny Bit More About Technology

There are too many relevant technologies to list; but vitalizing them all is data collection and analysis.

    Data Collection: Expect that anything and everything that can be tracked will be tracked - eventually to include (among other things) inside your home, your body, and your mind.

    Data Analysis: Expect that all data collected will be analyzed in every imaginable way in order to learn anything and everything that can be learned – especially for the purpose of controlling what people think, feel, say, and do; and, ultimately, to functionally replace them (humans).

Many people argue that they have nothing to hide and are happy to be 100% monitored in every way; especially if it includes substantial benefits. These people do not understand that such monitoring all but guarantees eventual 100% control. To understand this, you must study greed, power, and psychological technology.

As long as technology creators (especially the funders and investors) are willing to potentially harm others in order to reach their goals; humans will create technology that eventually enslaves, harms, and destroys us all.

To be absolutely clear, technology is not our enemy. Neither is it this political party or that political party. Nor the masked or unmasked. Or this religion or no religion. Or the black, brown, red, white, or blue. Or the LGBTQ phobic or supporter. Or the legal or illegal. Our real enemy is anyone who is willing to deceive, lie, cheat, coerce, steal, injure, or destroy to get (and keep) what they want. Don't let others confuse you!

At this point, many of the people who significantly influence or control the most powerful organizations and systems in our world are willing (whether acting as individuals or as part of a group) to actively deceive, lie, cheat, steal, damage, destroy, restrict, enslave, and murder in order to get and keep what they want. To make matters infinitely worse, the technology (including psychological technology) that facilitates active monitoring, analysis, and control of human behavior is becoming more powerful every day. If we, the citizens of the world, don't take immediate and aggressive action; many terrible and unnecessary things will transpire.

To summarize, I believe that our life and liberty is at risk. However, I also believe that if we withdraw our support for the people and projects that are ultimately driven by fear, control, and disempowerment (those who lack integrity); and instead, identify and support projects that are driven by genuine love, freedom, and empowerment (those who have integrity), we can rapidly create an ever-better world.

Time is of the essence! A sufficiently controlled population is a powerless population!




Integrity is the answer.
Wisdom is the way.

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