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It seems that all sincere truth-seekers eventually conclude that "God" was probably not originally intended to refer to a fictitious white-bearded wizard that lives just outside of the known universe; but, rather, to the infinite and eternal universe itself.

That the human family is a conscious and able aspect of the universe is significant! It means that we have the extraordinary opportunity to consciously make a substantial contribution to the well-being of all that exists within our ever-expanding sphere of awareness and influence (which is presently generally represented by Earth).

Unfortunately, there are many members of our human family who don't recognize the ancient spiritual symbols (like "God" and "Self") as such.

This fundamental spiritual illiteracy is the most significant reason that life-threatening agendas have been able to flourish virtually unrecognized and unchallenged. The masses, being brainwashed, hypnotized, and deeply confused; are easily divided, disabled, demoralized, distracted, and controlled.

The result is not only an unnecessary and devastating division and enslavement of our human family, it is also an unnecessary and devastating decimation of the very natural resources that make continued human life possible! Ultimately, it is an unbridled bastardization, retardation, and murder of both humanity and Earth!

However, if we can eradicate spiritual illiteracy by awakening and enlightening humanity, we will effectively liberate an astounding number of intelligent and creative people who can (and almost certainly will) help to create an ever-better world.

Literal religions have been used to divide and disable people for centuries. It is time for all who understand the problem and the solution to stand up and speak out.

True "spirituality" has absolutely nothing to do with adopting a specific religion or believing in a fictitious God. Instead, it is the natural result of realizing that the entire universe is connected, if only by the mystical flow of cause and effect at every scale.

Truly spiritual beings realize that as we go about our lives striving to be healthy and happy, we should also be striving to help the world around us be healthy and happy.

Of course, spirituality ultimately means far more than simply living according to what should be common-sense ethics; it also means balancing one's limited sense of self, self-knowing, self-guidance, etc. with one's mystical relationship to the infinite universe.

To the extent that one is successful in balancing one's own finite identity and significance with one's infinite identity and significance, one will be overcome by authentic and unconditional love. Love of all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.

Love is the true sign of true spirituality. And love is the key to a better world!

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"Spiritual Literacy" was written by Soren Sorensen,
Founder and Director of the Center for a Better World.

Additional note from the author (Soren Sorensen): There is a lot of profound wisdom buried deep within spiritual symbols that could only have been put there by intelligent and creative people. It is time that currently living intelligent and creative people recognize this and resume guardianship of this invaluable legacy. The golden baby (timeless knowledge and wisdom) has been thrown out with the dirty bath water (literal interpretations of spiritual symbols).

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