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It's Not About Trump (Mass Hypnosis and Awakening)

Posted on my personal FaceBook page on 1/12/2021.


As you know, I rarely post. Please, please, please read what I have to say.

I reject political affiliation. I am neither elephant nor donkey. I am a free thinker.

OUR LIBERTY is under a profoundly aggressive attack. I cannot remain silent any longer.

I am devastated to witness so many people I admire revealing themselves to be 100% hypnotized.

First... It isn't about Trump. It was NEVER about Trump. It is about corporate and government corruption.

Many people never saw Trump as bonafide republican. They see him as a wrench in the machine - a corrupted machine.

It was obvious that the republican party leaders did not want him to represent their party in 2016. It was equally obvious that most republicans and democrats alike did not (at least initially) believe that he had a serious chance of success. But they were wrong.

They weren't wrong about Trump; it seems to me that few of his so-called "supporters" actually "like" the guy. This is something that obviously confuses most people who didn't vote for him. The truth is, that it simply isn't about Trump. Again, it is about corporate and government corruption. I've never met anyone (I am sure that exceptions exist.) who voted for Trump that didn't deeply genuinely wish that there was a better representative of integrity, wisdom, and love on the ballot.

(Shhh! Yes, I can hear you. Wouldn't it be great if we could explore our individual perspectives and beliefs in truly constructive ways? Stop judging; start listening!)

They were wrong about the people. They didn't realize how many people actually understood the general nature of corporate and government corruption. They didn't realize how many people could actually see through their collective lies, half-truths, and deceptions. They didn't realize how many people were actually able and willing to "follow the influence/control/money" by themselves and for themselves. They didn't realize how many people had long since ceased to trust (profoundly controlled) mainstream media in all of its manifestations. They didn't realize just how much psychological control they were losing. They didn't realize that so many people were "waking up".

And now, it is obvious that they are actually panicking; even though Trump is just days away from being out of office. I am dumbfounded that it isn't obvious to everyone (regardless of party or lack thereof) that prominent leaders and influencers (in both government and corporate organizations) are massively distorting the truth and overreacting to it. Of course, this is nothing new; it has just recently become much, much worse.

I am fully aware that many people believe (thanks to Q) that there will soon be a MIND BLOWING REVEAL relating to things too gruesome and damning to post here. If true, it would certainly explain recent behavior. But if not true, I am actually far more concerned. Why? Because it means that they aren't just trying to aggressively prevent a "big reveal"; they are trying to aggressively physically restrict and control "we, the people".

And I fear that "we, the people" may not be collectively conscious enough, healthy enough, and strong enough to protect ourselves and each other from such oppression.

"We, the people" have collectively failed to recognize our true enemies and we have failed to stay united by our highest values; especially life, liberty, and love. Stereotypical damnation in any form is a sure sign of an "unawakened" mind. Our enemies are not elephants, donkeys, pickup trucks, Prii, black, brown, red, white, blue, the "awakened", the "unawakened", the theist, the atheist, SLGBTQs or any other such thing; our enemies are those who are willing to deceive, lie, cheat, steal, damage, destroy, restrict, enslave, and murder to get (and keep) what they want. BUT(!!!), you must not let others tell you who is doing such things; you must determine it for your very own self with your very own eyes and ears. Secondhand summaries, evaluations, and interpretations are simply not reliable and are extremely risky; that is, if you truly value life and liberty.

Make no mistake; we are being constantly lied to and deceived by prominent leaders, influencers, and media. If you don't personally know this to be true; I beg you to start actively separating neutrality from bias; and, especially, fact (and accuracy) from fiction (and distortion). It is time to turn off your influencers and do some deep and extended meditation and soul searching. It is time to start asking and answering (for yourself) important and powerful questions. It is time to consciously and intentionally reevaluate your existing perspectives and beliefs. It wouldn't hurt to study some basic psychological manipulation techniques either. Believe it or not, you may not actually be in control of your own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

ABOVE ALL, it is time to stop participating in the "mob mentality" bullying, belittling, and wholesale censoring of others (legal or not). Many people are unknowingly helping to build a prison for the entire human race.

Instead, let us all consciously direct our attention towards finding common ground and building things that support and nurture our common values; especially life, liberty, and love. Let us consciously dedicate our attention and our lives to finding out how great life on Earth can be, instead of actively contributing to how wretched it can be.

Each of us must choose whether to be an active conduit for division and hatred, or to be a conscious expression of unity and love.

Let kindness be our foundation. Only together, can we accurately evaluate our "reality" and create an ever-better world for everyone.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

I believe personal integrity is the answer.

My love to all!


P.S. FOR THE RECORD... NO, I do NOT support any individual or group that is willing to deceive, lie, cheat, steal, damage, destroy, restrict, enslave, and/or murder to get (and keep) what they want. This includes Nazis, KKK, white (or any other color of) supremacists, police who brutalize, those who brutalize police, anyone who harms others in any way (including animals), anyone who illegally occupies, damages, or destroys public or private property, etc., etc., etc.!!! I SUPPORT ONLY INTEGRITY (IN ANY COSTUME) AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THE SAME!!!




Integrity is the answer.
Wisdom is the way.

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