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Our world is composed of many different races, nations, political affiliations, religious affiliations, and philosophical perspectives; but, despite our differences, we all share the transcendent desire to be healthy & happy and live in a healthy & happy world.

This kind of Wholistic Health & Happiness is possible!

Soren Sorensen, director of the Center for a Better World My name is Soren Sorensen and I am the creator of the Center for a Better World, which was born from my desire to help create a better world.

I believe that our world and its inhabitants (not just humans) are extremely precious and should be protected and nurtured (and generally improved) with every thought, word, and action. I also believe that as we become evermore conscious of how our thoughts, words, and actions influence and alter each other and the ever-expanding world around us, we naturally become ever-more individually and collectively responsible for the well-being of our ever-expanding world. Yes, our "world" is quickly expanding beyond the Earth!

With this in mind, I frequently contemplate these three important questions:

    1) "How can we most effectively and efficiently create an ever-better world?"

    2) "What is the greatest threat to our long term health and happiness?"

    3) "What offers the greatest protection against this threat?"

Over the years, I have eventually settled on these three answers:

    1) The most effective and efficient way to create an ever-better world is to unite and organize our efforts in an extremely conscious, intentional, and prioritized way. I have designed the Center and Alliance for a Better World specifically for this purpose. Please read Our Mission and Intentions.

    2) The greatest threat is GREED + TECHNOLOGY. Ultimately, greed can cause a person to attempt to control everything and everyone around them by any means that may seem necessary - no matter how unthinkable to a healthy mind! Unfortunately, a significant portion of our human family has been divided, disabled, demoralized, distracted, and controlled by extreme levels of greed-driven dishonesty, deception, and physical/mental/emotional manipulation via technology. For more information, please read: "Know Thy Enemy".

    3) The greatest protection is offered by EXISTENTIAL ENLIGHTENMENT*. Ultimately, existential enlightenment causes one to realize one's own true nature and true relationship to all else that exists. Such realization not only eliminates personal greed and frees one from others' greed-driven attempts to control them; it also inspires them to help empower others and to help create a better world. For more information, please read: "Know Thy Self".

      *IMPORTANT NOTE: Obviously, there are many different paths that lead to existential enlightenment. Rather than choosing one of them (or creating yet another path), the Center actively invests in illuminating and validating existing paths by promoting "Global Enlightenment" (one of our Eight Empowering Intentions). I believe that global enlightenment is, indeed, critical to the well-being of our world; but I also believe that every person should choose and follow the path that they believe is best for their own current perspective and circumstances.

Of course, the most important question of all is:


We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of how great life on planet Earth can be. Unfortunately, we will never be able to find out how great it can be, unless we free ourselves from oppression by the greedy via existential enlightenment.

Then, imagine what is possible!

The Center for a Better World exists to
help our human family work together
to create an ever-better world.

So far, I have created the following things:

Ultimately, I see the “Center” as an organization that serves all who intend to actively help create an ever-better world (aka the “Alliance”). Although I have some partially developed ideas, I don’t claim to know exactly how the Center can best serve the Alliance. I don’t think any one person can know such things. However, I believe that, together, we can create ever-better answers to this and any other question that arises. And we would be well served to create ever-better questions too!

Make no mistake, the current state of the Center is inherently based upon my limited questions, answers, time and other resources. Naturally, it can become infinitely more by integrating others’ questions, answers, time and other resources. Therefore, please experience this web site as an extremely rough outline of some powerful possibilities. Also note that I have been designing a fantastic next-generation social community and networking platform (far beyond FaceBook, etc.) that is both intentional and fun. If built, it would naturally replace much of this web site.

To be clear, I am looking for bright minds and pure hearts. I am looking for wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. I am looking for talent, skills, funding, and other practical resources. I am looking for people that genuinely want to help create an ever-better world, even though they may or may not know exactly how they can help. If you feel inspired by what the Center and Alliance could become, I am looking for you!

In love,

Soren Sorensen

P.S. Your comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome.

Would you like to help create a better world?


I have published three books that, together, should give you a fundamental understanding of how I see things. That being said, this organization is not about how I see things; it is about how to best create an ever-better world.

Naturally, I bring my unique life experience and personal perspective to this organization, and others bring theirs. Together, as an organization, our collective perspective becomes ever-more powerful as ever-more inspired and pure-hearted people join us.

The most important thing is that we, as an organization, stay aligned with our mission: To help our human family work together to create an ever-better world as effectively and efficiently as possible."

I welcome your inspired and pure-hearted contribution.

Soren Sorensen
Founder and Director

The Center for a Better World
Working Together for One and All

YOU are invited to join, support, and/or collaborate with us!


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